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Lost Dog Street Band's 2014 album, newly remastered and available on vinyl for the first time. Double LP with etched borders on each side. Download card included. 'Benjamin Tod and Ashley Mae split from their previous band Barefoot Surrender to follow their own muse as a duo. This terrific album more than justifies that decision with it's excellent blend of folk, country and even a little bluesy jazziness. Benjamin handles all lead vocals, songwriting, guitar, and banjo, with Ashley providing harmonies and some beautiful fiddle playing that along with the vocals gives their sound it's signature. The songs never get above a sedate mid-tempo but there is plenty of diversity thematically and musically on this beautifully arranged and conceived recording. The atmosphere created is often one of a 'homely' nature but always with an appealingly edgy feel, in many ways as if they are just sitting on their front porch playing for themselves and a few neighbors. Fortunately, that is not the case, and we can all share in their excellent music.'

Lost Dog Street Band - Homeward Bound

SKU: 638302585866
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