The inaugural 2022 Heady Wax Fiends Record Club subscription!  What you all have been waiting for!  The yearly subscription will get you 6 (or more) carefully curated albums by the HWF admin team.  Sure to be some tasty jams that we can all spin together!  Lots of bonus swag will be included: stickers, t-shirts, and whatever else they can cook up!  Automatic entry into some killer prize drawings throughout the year too!  Learn more at Heady Wax Fiends on Facebook (or shoot them an e-mail


Subscribers will be able to opt out of certain releases and receive a Ridge Runner Records store credit of equivalent value.  Subscribers will also be able to enjoy free shipping (US customers only) on any RRR title when combined with their bi-monthly(-ish) subscriber shipment.


$20 a month with automated payments or choose to pay up front for the whole year! Shipping is included for US subscribers.  International subscribers will include a $30 (for the whole year) shipping surcharge.

Heady Wax Fiends Record Club Subscription!

Price Options
One-time purchase
$20.00monthly/ 12 months